MojoHeadz Records is the defining techno / trance / house label.

MojoHeadz Records speaks for itself The MojoHeadz discography quickly became home to a form of dank, bass-loaded techno and fresh house and trance music. It’s all a very punk approach to the music industry. HGeniusX | MojoHeadz Records  "a strong idea about what they want to do. Strong personalities. Strong tastes. The music they've done when you sign them is barely relevant. It's not even the start. It's much more about the person and their ideas and strength of character and the direction they want to go in..." MojoHeadz releases who it wants, when it wants, abiding by one rule: make sure it’s good. All releases on beatport: CARNAGE & Clay Clemens [MojoHeadz Records] All mojoheadz releases was more suited to LA clubs that had become infatuated with four-to-the-floor but it retained all of the menace, paranoia and sound-system wobble that made techno / trance / house cult producti